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We go to the dentist when we are in situations that are unbearable. That is a fact. Most of us would rather go there and have necessary services rendered to us than just go to the dentist Haymarket VA when we feel well. One reason for this is that we are saving money. We would rather use the money to buy food and pay bills and go anywhere we want instead of paying for a dental check-up. So as a result, we go to the dentist during a dental emergency. However, there are still times when we do not seek a dental doctor's consultation even if it is already a dental emergency. This is due to the fact that we are not really knowledgeable about the different cases that are considered a dental emergency. We just base the diagnosis of a dental emergency on our subjective view.


Let us first define the term dental emergency. A dental emergency is a general term we use to describe the cases that are in need of dental services. A dental emergency is not always associated with pain or even bleeding. That is why you cannot just base it on the symptoms of the patient. If you do that, you will end up waiting for symptoms that are usually late and indicate poor prognosis already. The earlier you detect a dental emergency, the better the prognosis is.


To orient you with the dental emergencies you need know so that you will be warned regarding them and seek medical attention immediately, here is a list of the most commonly considered cases of dental emergency.


The most obvious one is toothache. A toothache can be relieved by medicines but the relief will just be temporary so you should go to a dentist Haymarket. This is considered a dental emergency because a painful teeth indicates a serious problem and as a matter of fact, a late clinical manifestation already.


Next is a broken or chipped tooth. There would an inflammation associated with this so you need to get checked. This is a dental emergency because who would want roaming around with such?


Then we also have a knocked-out tooth. This is a dental emergency because it will expose you to further infections and bleeding if not attended well.


A tooth that is dislodged partially is also a dental emergency because it can cause further trauma to the gums when it is not fixed. It can also be a reason for infection and bleeding.